The Sauna at the Health Club

I belong to this health club in my city. I have been going steadily for the last few years, using it several times a week, usually in the mornings. After my workout, if I may be so bold as to grace what I can do on a cross-trainer with that exalted title, I go to the locker room and among the things I do therein daily is sit in the sauna for fifteen to twenty minutes. I have come to really enjoy this pastime. Fifty years-ago in my seriously homophobic youth, I could not have imagined ever even considering choosing to be naked and sweaty, on a virtually daily basis remember, on a bench in a small, hot room full of other naked, sweaty men I don’t know from Adam (Adam who?). I explain the change in my preferred activities by acknowledging that even old, formerly (????) homophobic men can evolve. However, I am also aware that senility or some other form of cognitive impairment associated with aging that can lead to loss of inhibition or even a minimal sense of propriety, or even loosely defined, spare or bare human decency, are among the other possibilities out there.      

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